Almost 200 Male Fragrances in direct contest

2016 02-13

Hello !

200 most exclusive male fragrances in one-on-one comparison (some of them costs even 1000$ for 50ml), 12 hours test direct on men’s skin with a lot of check points when perfumes are rated which is the best, the second, the third and the worst from 4 competitors each duel.

Best male perfumes ? I am the man and I really like to smell nice, is it so strange? It was always problem for me, I want to find best perfume for me but I hate roaming over the drug stores trying testers on pieces of paper. Every smell changes in time and depends on your skin, so taking decision after one sniff was very hard and frustrating me. Descriptions of perfumes found in the web are tottally useless for me (“perfumes are constructed could also be described as operatic with their rhythmic olfactory punctuation that separates notes into clearly definedscenes” WTF?). One day I thought that I could try all smells, I have a lot of time, perfumery is just at the corner, I’m the man and I have the nose 😉 I am absolutely amateur in perfumes, so I can’t judge what is really good and what is bad in nominal values but I know exactly what smell I like more than the other,  so I decided to test perfumes on my skin in direct comparison, in a cup mode one on one (4 in one package) in a real time and here are the result. All ratings are totally subjective and I know that everyone has their own taste but I hope to help someone else. Every match of 4 fragrances (one on one) takes 12 hours and every day I should publish results of one last match. I will test almost 200 fragrances! Please, do not hesitate to give me any sugestions and please forgive me that the site is still under construction.